Bringing New Meaning to “Parking the Car There”

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Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy

Bringing New Meaning to “Parking the Car There” Parking a car in the car park, owning a car park, managing a car park…We aim to create new meaning (value) to people in all car park-related matters, and in doing so, contribute widely to the world.

Guidelines for Action

■ We provide car park solutions corresponding to the constantly changing urban landscape and environment.    ■ We respect the “relations” that we have with all our stakeholders, and seek to maximize satisfaction.    ■ We are not bound to past precedents, but rather, create the future of car parks through innovative and flexible thinking.   ■ We aim to provide car park solutions across national boundaries to the world.

Corporate Profile

“Moving Beyond the Niche”
—As an organization that seeks to achieve innovation for car parks, we are committed to bringing smiles to all the people and car parks that we meet.
Yohei Satoh resident & CEO Relations Co., Ltd.
Corporate Profile